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Vision & Values Minessence
Minessence International Cooperative*


To make a substantial positive contribution to the creation of a society where all people can live meaningful fulfilling lives.


Research and Pioneerism. To research and understand the principles that underpin the "nature of things". To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Minessence. To take complex ideas and/or technologies and simplify them so as to benefit others.

Prophet and Vision.
To pass on to others our vision of how a better society can be created through: Acceptance, Commitment and Conscious Living (ACCL).

Technology and Science. To make ACCL accessible throughout the world through using best practice science and technology.

Tradition and Convivial Technology. To understand and respect existing cultures and to work, progressively, in harmony with them.

Values of the worldwide cooperative movement

We recognize the importance of our values being in strong alignment with the values of the worldwide cooperative movement, namely: Self-Help, Self-Responsibility, Democracy, Equality, Equity, Solidarity, Honesty, Openness, Social-Responsibility, and Caring-for-Others.


Our Vision and Values will by realized through working together for the benefit of society with the following objectives...

  1. To be a professional organization for Values Consultants**
  2. To foster the development and mutual understanding of a language of values in society
  3. To instigate and co-ordinate leading-edge values-centric projects to develop people, organizations, communities and society.
  4. To function as a financially sound, socially responsible, cooperative.
  5. To provide a low cost, easily accessible infrastructure to facilitate values learning.
  6. All our objectives will be met through values-centric processes.

* The reason for using the name Minessence International Cooperative in lieu of the Minessence Group is because we are in the process of restructuring as a cooperative organization.
** People who have been accredited to use the Minessence Values Framework

If you are keen to support our Mission, a donation is a great way to help...

Or, if is there some other way you'd like to support our work, we'd love to hear from you.

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