Take an Inventory of Your Values via Our AVI APP

Values lie behind all your choices

Values are life-style priorities. Each of us is at our happiest, least stressed, most effective and most motivated when we are living our personal values to the full.

For most people values are unconscious priorities. This brings a risk of being swayed to do things which match other people's values.

"If you're not living your own values, whose values are you living?"


  1. At the first page you will be asked to select your language.
  2. Next is a log in page. If you have taken the AVI before, enter your UserName and Password, otherwise choose the New Users Click Here button.
  3. At the next page please select the Code: WVD (i.e. World Values Day).
  4. Lastly you will be taken to the Pay for AVI page. The discounted AVI fee for World Values Day: $AUD 15—Usual fee: $AUD 35.

A Values Inventory (AVI)

By taking an inventory of your values, you transform your values into conscious priorities. Insight into your priority values reveals why certain situations or circumstances make your heart sing while others raise walls of frustration. Knowing your values better equips you to take charge of your life and give yourself the best chance of living the life you desire.

[Image by Annie Lawrenson of www.communicart.co.uk]

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“If you have a why, you can cope with any what.”
Viktor Frankl: Mans Search for Meaning

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