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  • No—Click here to take An Inventory of your Values.

  • Yes—Follow the instructions below to order a Report or Workbook based on your Priority Values:

  1. Click on SMO, WVR, SMO_WVR, EFM, or LDR and you will be taken to our secure PayPal site. At PayPal, you can pay via credit card, bank, etc. - there's no need to be a member of PayPal.

  2. Your report will be sent within 24 hours of the funds being confirmed into our account.

AVI Reports for personal use*:

  • SMO Setting Meaningful Objectives) - 6 pages, sent as a PDF email attachment [$AUD 25.00]--set goals you will keep because they are aligned with your values.

    "I’ve observed clients who are extremely productive, and have seen that simply completing a list of actions isn’t enough for them. What’s important is that their actions are linked and driven by their Meaningful Objectives. These clients rarely do anything that doesn’t relate to one of their objectives.
        "Meaningful Objectives are your North Star, your guiding light, and your reference point for success or failure. Without meaning, objectives become dry and nothing more than text on a to-do list that you might (or might not) look at every now and again…
        "You’d be amazed at how many people I’ve coached, at every organizational level, who don’t have Meaningful Objectives. Even if they do, their objectives are often unclear. Identifying objectives that are meaningful, and clarifying them so that they are specific, is a crucial step in helping you manage your life." [Sally McGhee]

    Before you can set Meaningful Objectives, you must know your priority values with crystal clarity. The SMO report is designed to help you both in clarifying your values and and in setting Meaningful Objectives.

  • WVR  (WorldView Report) - 19 pages, sent as a PDF email attachment [$AUD 25.00].

    This report helps you explore your WorldView through your priority values. It provides a context for the included Values Map.

  • SMO_WVR  (Setting Meaningful Objectives & WorldView Report) - Save money and order both of the above reports at the same time [$AUD 35.00] a saving of $15.00.

  • EFM  (Energy Field Map) - 5 pages, sent as a PDF email attachment [$AUD 15.00].

Inspired by Tosey and Smith (1999), we developed an Energy Field Map [EFM] (used with individuals) or Cultural Field Map [CFM] (used with groups) to facilitate the understanding of values-systems from an energy field perspective. Each dimension of the chart is a field of motivational energy emanating from the underlying values. More...

  • LDR  (Leadership Development Report) ~80 pages, sent as a PDF email attachment [$AUD 75.00].
    This is our most comprehensive AVI. It includes relevant theory, concepts, and exercises based on your values.

  * To use the AVI with others, you must be Accredited.

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