David Brand , Brand Consulting
Evoked or not evoked, clarity is present.

Even with the best of intentions, many organizations are unable to navigate the terrain of complex relationships, competing points of view, engrained behavioral patterns and core value differences present in their environments. These struggles prevent the skillful means, strategic clarity, aligned passion and right action that is naturally present but oftentimes hidden to appear prominently. As a consultant, facilitator and coach, David’s passion and expertise is to support the emergence of the brilliance and power that is available to every organization, group and individual.

After 25 years of effectively leading organizations including the Financial Planning Association, End-of-Life Choices, the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations, and Continuing Legal Education in Colorado, David became a full-time consultant in 2004. David’s consulting engagements with individuals and organizations utilizes an array of exceptional and proven models, protocols, assessment maps and practices that he has learned and applied through his experience as a CEO and his lifelong study of leadership development, group dynamics, personal growth and organizational excellence. The result is a client engagement that is always customized to the unique set of opportunities and circumstances of the client.

As a consultant, David collaborates with an organization’s leaders to clarify and implement the organization’s core ideology, develop the most appropriate strategies aligned with the core ideology that include success measures, and recommend systems that support a positive culture. Through his ability to assess the values and tendencies of an organization and its leaders, David is able to integrate the core ideology and strategic imperatives with the skills of people which results in high productivity and high satisfaction.

As a facilitator, David works with a group or with multiple groups to discover common ground and reveal shared underlying interests beyond the unproductive notions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ that frequently block a groups ability to excel. From a place of common interest, David is able to help groups discover new strategic and relational collaborative opportunities.

As a coach, David works with leaders to assess their core values and behavioral tendencies and align them with their work in the world. Using proven assessment tools and his strong intuitive capabilities, he offers guidance and support to enhance professional growth and life satisfaction.

David received his law degree from the University of Denver College of Law and a masters degree in public administration from the University of Colorado. Among his many studies and his extensive training, David recently was accredited by the International Minessence Group - Value Mentors in values based consulting and coaching for organizations and individuals. Knowing that values lie behind all of our choices, David uses intricate and extensive values inventory maps to first assess and then support the alignment of an organization’s or an individual’s values with conscious priority setting and effective decision-making.   

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