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Life Tools

Life Tools: Life Tools Training Through Small Groups--an experiential approach (2010) Yaro Starak--ACORN Publications--150 pages

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Over 20 years ago, I was a senior manager who believed he had a collaborative management style—that was until I enrolled in one of Yaro’s subjects, Education as Social Work, at the University of Queensland. I still vividly recall the shock of participating in a group exercise within the class facilitated by Yaro, only to find out that my management style was anything but  collaborative! I became an instant experiential learning convert. As my in-class group process experience attests, “What we believe we know may not be so at all.” 

Non-experiential learning teaches you about the world, but you only understand it when you experience it. As my variation on an old adage says:

  • I hear, I forget;
  • I see, I remember;
  • I do, I understand;
  • I practise, I can.

Group-based learning adds another vital dimension to the experiential learning process: feedback from others. As a former colleague, Brian Hall, used to say, “What we know about ourselves is boring. What really matters is what other people say about us. We may not agree with them, but it’s worth at least reflecting on what they think about us—we may learn something.”

When it comes to human behaviour, learning and change are synonymous—without change there has been no learning. A word then about change: Change = Rapport + Information. One must firstly gain rapport with people before they will take on board what you are saying. To gain rapport with people you must develop the ability to see the world through their eyes. Only then will you understand why their values are important to them—they will intuitively sense you understand and respect their values, and real rapport will emerge. Only then will they learn from the presenting information.

In this brilliant book, Yaro passes on years of wisdom in the form of Life Tools for use in small groups. Enjoy the journey.

Paul Chippendale


Leading through Values

Leading Through Values: Linking company culture to business strategy (2006) - Michael Henderson, Dougal Thompson and Shar Henderson - HarperCollins

A must-read for all business leaders who have an intent to create great places for people and organisations to grow and who want to develop employee engagement and understand the relationship between leadership, strategy and culture.

Finding True North

Finding True North: Discover your values, enrich your life (2003) - Michael Henderson - HarperCollins

Winner of the Ashton Wyle Book Award 2004

This book is a simple way of helping people to understand what their values are, why they are important and how to act in alignment with those values.

The book combines real life accounts of how to live your values along with a series of simple and powerful exercises to ensure your values are working for you in your life.

An ideal companion for those working with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) or ACCL (Acceptance, Commitment and Conscious Living).

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